Wednesday, January 2, 2013

FAKE MONEY!? Red Rover Red Rover!

I am the proud owner of 600 FAKE RMB ($100USD).  I do not know where they came from, but I know that I cannot tell a difference between the counterfeit money and the real money what so ever.  The 100RMB note is the biggest monetary bill in China, it is bright red and its value is a little under $20.00.  All the stores here have a machine that checks to see if the money is counterfeit or not so I cannot use these bills at any major chain store or large business...

As a traveler, musician, worker, American living abroad, what should I do with this fake money?  Should I try to give it back into circulation, or do I destroy it on behalf of China and eat the $$$ loss myself?  Who scammed me anyways? WHY I OUGHTA....!!

Can you tell which of these bills is real?

In other news, today in Beijing a new law came into effect.

At all the traffic signals, the yellow light now means that you must be stopped at the white line.  It is no longer a signal warning that the red light is coming soon, but you must be stopped when the light turns yellow or you risk being fined.  Essentially, the entire yellow light has  been turned into a different color of red light.

The immediate outcome of this new law was the worst day for car wrecks in modern history.  People were so scared to get the new fine that as soon as a signal would turn yellow, they would slam on their brakes.  Anybody who has driven in Asia knows that when you slam on your brakes, you get rear ended.  Thus, hundreds of accidents happened through out the day.

My drummer Mico mentioned that this event is exceptionally funny because all the law makers and congress men here have private drivers.  The people who enacted this law have not actually been behind the wheel of a car driving in China in years.  Apparently they forgot what the yellow light was about... slowing down safely, or continuing through the intersection if you are already committed.
So now one can only wonder, are they going to keep all three color lights at each signal?  Why not just switch to Red/Green lights and forgo the entire yellow light?  Or are they going to add in a new color light that means slow down, like Blue?  So you have Green - Go, Blue - Slow Down, Yellow - Stop and last but not least Red - Stop.

Bangkok has a countdown timer so maybe that would work -but probably not as Bangkok has some of the worst traffic problems in the world!  

Is congestion going to be worse now too?  Great, all that Beijing needs is more traffic on these roads!